the Leadership in the Washington Post acted quickly on Sunday.

a Few hours after Felicia Sonmez’ tweet Sunday about Kobe Bryant, who was about voldtægtsanklagerne against him in 2003, was the journalist suspended.

The gad, they will not be on the old and reputable newspaper in the nation’s capital.

Sönmez had the link to an article from april 2016 from nyhedssitet The Daily Beast with the words ’Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, The Accuser’s Story, and the Half-Confession’ – that is: Kobe bryant’s disturbing voldtægtssag: DNA-evidence, the anklagendes history and the half-confession.

the 25-year-old Kobe Bryant was accused in 2003 for the rape but was never known to be guilty, when the girl, as he admitted to have had sex with, would not testify. In turn, they entered into a settlement agreement in a civil case.

the Article from The Daily Beast contained among other things, details of the rape and the testimony of the accusing girl.

Most of all it was inappropriate, to Felicia Sonmez tweetede on the old case, now Kobe bryant’s death had just hit the entire world – and a whole basket-world first had just the beginning.

there were many who agreed with the management. They poured in.

There was likes, and that was the opposite. In particular, the opposite. Do you think Felicia Sonmez, there were also death threats.

In an update on Twitter, she writes:

– Well, IT was an eye-opener. For the 10,000 (literally), who have commented and written to me with insults and death threats, please drag just the weather and read the story that was written more than three years ago, and not by me.

– Any known personality is worth to be remembered in its entirety – even if this personality is loved and that it is totally disruptive.

Subsequently, she chose to delete his tweets. Perhaps because of the shitstorm, she found herself in. Perhaps as a result of demands from her employer.

Before they reached it, was hashtagget #FireFeliciaSonmez, indeed, already occurred.

– Political reporter Felicia Sonmez is suspended, while The Post review on the tweets about Kobe bryant’s death exceeds the newspaper’s social media policy, says Tracy Grant, who is editor-in-chief, to the Daily Mail.

– These tweets show poor judgement and undermines her colleagues ‘work,” says Tracy Grant to the british newspaper.

A journalist has come into trouble after a tweet about Kobe Bryant. Photo: Mike Stone/Ritzau Scanpix

Without that we need to reproduce the many tweets and retweets, it can safely be ascertained that the people were bored by it, annoyed, furious and almost exploding in hatred of the timing.

– There is a time and place for everything. To bring the dirt up, when someone just died just a few hours beforehand is neither the right time otherwise place. Felicia is a mockery of her condition, writes a Twitter user.

And it is among the nicer. There doesn’t seem to be any problems with the imagination in people’s search for ways to belittle her. There are also people who believe that it is appropriate to send her to the Wuhan as a permanent correspondent.

In the article from The Daily Beast, tells the girl that Kobe Bryant had sex with, that he overpowered her in a hotel room and took stranglehold on her, they kissed, he befamlede her and tried to get her to touch him.

She reproduces to the police, how she repeatedly tried to get away from the situation, but that was impossible.

The two had sex, which the woman claimed to have cried while doing this. Subsequently he said to her, that she should not say it to anyone.

Kobe Bryant declined to have raped her. In his optics there was talk about a sexual act with the consent of both parties.

The accusatory agreed to drop the matter, as Kobe bryant’s lawyer in court to read a excuse up.

– even Though I’m of the belief that we both wanted it, I’m now aware of and acknowledges that it was not the case, and that she did not see it the same way as I did.

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