November 2008. Barack Obama wins the election and a large part of the population of the United States takes to the streets to celebrate. Among the Republicans, on the other hand, discouragement is spreading and the feeling that the country is collapsing. Some conspire and scheme to manipulate public opinion to return to the order they did have control over. It is the last resistance of the white man and the writer A.M. Homes (Washington, 1961) finds enough ingredients to write his novel, The Revelation (English / Anagram), which began with fables and science fiction, but which has ended up becoming “something very similar to the reality”.

He has been writing about modern American life for nearly four decades. What is it that attracts him so much?

How disturbing! I always write about human behavior and what makes people do what they do.

This is his most political novel. What prompted you to write it?

What happens in the country. I started my book with the 2008 election with Obama because it was significant. A high percentage of society celebrated the results. The other felt terrified.

What scared them so much?

It never occurred to them that an African-American would come to power. But I’m sure it would have upset them even more than Hillary Clinton or any other woman in power. With both options the older white men felt they were losing control. It happens in all areas and not only in politics. I have experienced it myself.

At work?

The literary world in the United States is very divided between men and women and there is still the idea that women are not capable of writing the great American political novel.

It must have bothered them that I wrote this book, then.

This flatters me. But I also feel sorry that many can question it without having read it. Women’s books are not usually bought by men.

This kind of behavior is reflected in his novel.

It seems to narrate current affairs, but when I started writing it, half of the things hadn’t happened and neither had Trump come to power. My editors said it looked like a science fiction novel, and now it feels like a chronicle.

Science fiction?

My British publisher called me and asked about the Forever Men, a secret cabal that vows to use any means necessary to keep their kind in power. That is, white men. In the editorial office, they did not understand why some guys who say they protect democracy do everything possible to burden it.

Did you think of someone in particular?

They were figments of my imagination, but today you can find examples of similar groups that claim to defend the values ​​of the motherland.

What are these values?

The word democracy and the definition of what America is changes depending on who you ask.

And for you?

Much to my dismay, I have to say that America is a racist and sexist country. This hurts me because I think it should be the basis of everything, but it is far from changing.

It is not optimistic.

We are a self-centered country. The system doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m doing well. The news is an example. It’s hard to be deeply informed about what’s going on in other countries when you live in the United States, unless you have a special predisposition for it. Many channels, and the networks, moreover, spread fake news and, if there is not so much variety or intention to look for it, it is easier to accept a single truth. Many people are more comfortable being lied to to their face.

Why is this lack of interest?

To the strong disconnection between the political establishment and society.

Is this what favors the emergence of extremes?

It has already happened in the Republican party itself. Moderates are being replaced by radicals who have no experience and no understanding of history. It is dangerous.