The california nanny was already accused of abuse of a child, but now there has come a further 17 charges about the abuse of children, as the 30-year-old fit.

It writes several media outlets including the LA Times.

Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski was charged with three crimes against children under 14 years of age and aims to have got a child under ten years of age to perform oral sex on him.

He is also charged with being in possession of child pornography and, in one case, using a minor for sex.

One of the victims was, according to documents from the trial, only two years old.

the Authorities had for some time investigated the man, after a parent had claimed that the babysitter had touched their child in an improper way.

Parents shared their concerns with other parents, where Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski also took care of the children.

The 30-year-old was hired through his many websites where he had described how he loved to work with children and had always felt it as a calling.

Video and tips from the public led eventually to the many charges of the man. Police believe that he has committed the assaults between 2014 and 2019.

The parents thought they could trust this man. Instead he exploited their young boys and used the trust he had in the worst possible way, told Todd Spitzer, who is the prosecutor in the case.