With effect from today, Friday the 17. January 2020, stop the Mads Øland, director of Spillerforeningen, in connection with a reorganization.

The writing Spillerforeningen in a press release in which it disclosed that the Mads Øland stops as part of a process to renew the strategy, structure and organisation of Spillerforeningen.

– Like any organisation we see all the time at how we best develop ourselves and representing the players ‘ interests in the best way possible. With a new agreement and the strong, long-lasting landsholdsaftaler in the back, that gives us now an opportunity to develop the association through a new set-up, which bl.a. means that Mads Øland stop as the director of Spillerforeningen.

– He continues to carry out our international projects in the FIFPRO, says Jeppe Curth, president of Spillerforeningen.

Mads Øland, has for many years been director of Spillerforeningen. The 54-year-old former B93-play went fagforeningsvejen and was in his office as director, chairman of the association. In total, he has been the synonym with sportspeople’s rights for nearly 30 years.

– It is of course sad to say goodbye to direktørrollen in Spillerforeningen. It has also been a great honor and vote of confidence to represent the players at both club and national team for so many years. With skilled staff and advisers, I think that we have achieved good things for the players. I am sure that Spillerforeningen will continue the good work, ” says Mads Øland, in the press release.

Mads Øland, has continuously developed Spillerforeningen to include other sports than football – and if anyone has he been the man behind the negotiations with, in particular, DBU – while later also other specialforbund.

the Director had a large share in the fodboldkonflikterne both for the lady – and the men’s team.

Especially kvindelandsholdsspilleren Nadia Nadim has been sharp in its criticism of Spillerforeningens role in the conflict with the DBU, which cost the national team the WORLD cup-slutrundedeltagelse in 2019, when the team ended up missing from a match against Sweden.

– We ended up as hostage in a machokamp between Mads Øland, on the one hand, and the DBU’s board of directors on the other.

– A battle in which it was about who had the biggest muscles. Not on the women’s team. We should have had a second dealer, wrote Nadia Nadim in his book with the title ‘Nadia Nadim – My story’.

Mads Oland said after, that he was upset by the player’s criticism.

Nadia was never part of the negotiations. She played, of course, on the national team, but much of what she talks about, is simply not true, and it is because she does not know what was going on, said Mads Øland, then to DR.

instead of Oland joins Michael Sahl Hansen as interim administrative manager. He concurrently serves as director of the Handball Player Association and a board member of DHF.

Blue book for Mads Øland

Blue book for Spillerforeningens now, the former director, Mads Øland:

* Born in 1965 in Farsø (54 years).

* made his first contract as a football player in Viborg, denmark in 1985. In addition, he represented KB, Vanløse and B93 in the divisions.

* Was also known for his throw, which was initiated with a power jump.

* Occurred from 1985 in Spillerforeningens board of directors, where he later became president. In 1997, set he his career, to devote himself to the job as director of Spillerforeningen.

* Trained kulturgeograf from Aarhus University and has a bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University.

* Stopped as a director of Spillerforeningen in January 2020. He continues, however, to carry out the association’s interests in the Fifpro, The International Spillerforening. In addition, he remains the director of the Danish Elitesportsudøveres Association (DEF).

* in connection with the stop at Spillerforeningen presented as the new managing director of the CSPPA, which is the international spillerforening in the computer game Counter-Strike).

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