Mrs Frigh, mrs Andersen and mr. Madsen is back, when TV2 27. January kicks off yet another round of ‘fawlty towers’.

But there are also a number of new faces checking in at the local hotel on the edge of the North sea in the summer of 1940 which is the year of the seventh season of the popular series set in.

the War raging in Europe, Denmark is occupied and the germans threaten sommeridyllen at the Andersen Hotel, but there is also love and cupids in the air. It shall ensure, amongst other pharmacist Johan Ramsing for. He is played by the ‘fawlty towers’-newcomer Rasmus Botoft.

– It has been so easy and natural to get into the team. Many of the other actors have played here for many years, which is quite unique for a Danish tv-series, but the new ones have been taken as well against. It feels a bit like being part of a big family, ” says the 48-year-old actor, who many probably know as the pastel snob from ‘Rytteriet’.

the Rasmus Botoft, has a good eye for one of the guests at the ‘fawlty towers’ and he screws up for the charm. Photo: Mike Kollöffel/TV2
He describes the production behind the ‘fawlty towers’ as a ‘really well-oiled machine’, which he is happy to have been a part of.

– It is a very popular series, but I’m not afraid to be popular. I think it is a nice role I have played. There are many layers in the series. It has some drama, some comedy and some history. I can pretty well like, say, Rasmus Botoft, if ‘Rytteriet’-mate Martin Buch was with in the first two seasons of ‘fawlty towers’. He had the role of Adam – madam Fjeldsøs son.


– Everyone is so talented

the 26-year-old Lucia Win Dirchsen was in the summer of 2019, the trained actor, and therefore, it is a bit of a scoop to land a role in Denmark’s most viewed tv series.

– It is a really nice challenge to get to making tv for as many, says the young actor, who can look forward to be watched by around one and a half million danes, when ‘fawlty towers’ goes in the air for about a week and a half.

– It is there to be known, I think, comes along the way. It’s not really something I’ve thought so much about. I do not imagine that it will be a big change for me, ” says Lucia Win Dirchsen, who plays the role of mrs Frighs daughter, Bertha.

– I’ve just enjoyed getting the opportunity to play with in the ‘fawlty towers’ as a young actor. Everyone is so talented, she says.

Lucia Win Dirchsen have already plenty of jobs in the calendar. Among other things, to only play in ‘Richard III’ at The Royal Theatre. Photo: Claus Bech/Ritzau Scanpix

From Hollywood to ‘fawlty towers’

three years ago, sat Ash Bang in Hollywood, when he with his short film ‘Silent Night’ was nominated for an Oscar.

the World’s leading film studios are in the year replaced with the Albertslund, where ‘Badehotellets scenery set.

The 31-year-old actor acknowledges that it is perhaps somewhat the reverse order, he takes things in.

– It is clearly a step up, laughs Ash Bang, but will become so serious.

– I like to embrace it all, and I think that it is cool to be with in ‘fawlty towers’. As an actor it’s always exciting to make periodestykker, where you dive down and immerse themselves in a particular time. And really great to make something that people are watching, he says.

– It has been skidehyggeligt to be ‘fawlty towers’, says Ash Bang, who plays the role of Jan Larsen. Photo: Claus Bech/Ritzau Scanpix

They are also new at the hotel

Troels Malling Thaarup plays the local police officer from Skagen, Folmer Gregersen, in ‘fawlty towers’. Photo: TV2