Renault Clioens orange color complements the autumn leaf fall in a brilliant way, when I cut myself across through the Competition on a road with soft bows.

in Order to get the most out of minibilen on the forest road have I chosen the sporting of the car’s four possible køreindstillinger.

My eardrums are filled with a peculiar, almost screeching sound while I accelerate from 30 and up to 80 km/h. Clioen is bright thanks to the three-cylinder engine with 100 hp, which testbilen, the new fifth-generation Renault Clio is equipped with.

Now there are not very many people to see on the road, I find myself on, but if there had been any, would only the biggest car enthusiasts get an eye on to here came the new Clio. For on the outside similar to the Clio in the high level itself.

out of the Renault, of course, not gamble with the design of this car, what is the model for the French car manufacturer.

When the predecessor has been so successful, there is no reason to run the major design risks, lets Renault’s mindset to be.

The conservative design covers, however, that the new generation Clio from end to end is a brand new car. It is shorter, lower and wider than its predecessor.

the Platform, which is the fifth-generation Clio is built on, is new, and it must, among other things, be used for the upcoming Captur. The platform is developed in collaboration with Nissan and Mitsubishi and is 50 kilos lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. According to Renault gives it both greater active and passive safety.

Photo: Niels Friis

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from the fourth to the fifth generation, one must open the driver’s door and sit behind the steering wheel to find. Inside there namely much has happened.

the Design has been given an overhaul, so the Clio will be more modern and more ergonomic in operation. The quality has gotten a tremendous boost in comparison to its predecessor, and the cabin is dominated by delicious, soft materials.

In the middle of the dashboard you will find a large, upright monitor. The default is a display of 7 inches, but it may well pay to throw the 7.000 kroner, as the great 9,3 inch screen costs extra, for it is definitely worth the money. On the screen you can control things like music, navigation, telephone and the like.

Photo: Niels Friis

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with a 1.0 TCe-engine with three cylinders and 100 hp. In urban traffic the engine is very quiet, and generally there are not a lot of noise from the new Clio, when you are in the city.

When one leaves the city and is located on the land or highway, is the story of another.

Neither the tyres or the wind noise is really particularly dominant, but the three-cylinder engine has a tendency to sound a bit strained when it is pressed. The engine is not the most harmonious of its kind, but the forces are abundant, and the five-speed gearbox is smooth to operate.

You can choose between petrol engines of 100 and 130 hp, and the diesel engine with either 85 or 115 hp.

On the highway in the Competition, I can see that Clio is very easy to drive. The steering is sensibly weighted and you feel in good contact with what the front wheels are doing.

It is not sparkly or particularly sporty, and it does need it not to be, for a car, always do as you expect.

at the same time, ensures the new platform, as the model is built on the Clio compared to its class is very comfortable.

even Though the Clio does not offer great surprises, is that behind the wheel is only reason to believe that the Clio in the fifth generation have become an equally popular product as the predecessor. The space on rear seats is not overwhelming, but the Clio is a sensible, good-looking and a step up in comparison to its predecessor.

160.900 crowns

148.900 crowns

the Three-cylinder 1.0-litre

100 hp at 5000 rpm./my

160 Nm at 2750 rpm./my

5-speed manual transmission

22,7 km/l

100 g/km

187 km/h

11,8 sec.

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Photo: Niels Friis

Customers can choose between three different equipment packages, namely, the Zen, the Intense and the R. S. Line. Generally the materials in the cabin are of higher quality compared with the fourth generation, and in fact, it may well feel as if you are sitting in a more expensive car than you do.

In the middle of the dashboard dominates the upright screen, as the standard is 7 inches but which one should consider to replace with the larger the 9.3 inch screen for 7,000 dollars extra. In the predecessor there were also digital instrumentation, and in the new Clio is designed much nicer and a better system.

You can integrate his mobile phone with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Here is also the heating in the steering wheel, navigationsanlæg and electronic handbrake.

in Addition, you have the possibility to choose between the fi-re different køreindstillinger, namely, Eco, Neutral, Sports, or the personal, where all køreindstillinger selected by the driver itself.

Both menus and navigationens voice messages are in Danish. You can also hear a variety of advice on green drive in English.

Outside, there are atypical for the class LED lights as standard.

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Popular danskerbil

That are been sold in thousands of fourth-generation Cliomodellen through the years, so there is a lot to live up to for the new Clio. Renault’s supermini car has been a storsællert in Denmark, and at the european level is the among the best-selling car models at all.

Since the first generation came to the world in the 1990 model have been sold over 15 million copies.

at Home, there is ago 1. January 2016 to and including september 2019 has been sold 18.370 new copies of the Renault Clio. Only from 1. January to and including 30. september in the year 3922 danes bought a new Clio.

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