Ekstra Bladet has spoken with the man who is charged in a case involving the firm-the manager Rasmus Paludan.

The former LTF’is wanted by Interpol and is now in Iraq – a stay that, according to the young man has evolved dramatically. You can read about below.

the Detective Wanted by the Interpol for Paludan-case: Here he is

defense attorney Rune Wiborg confirms that the man, as the Extra Leaf is in contact with in Iraq, is identical with the person who is alleged to have placed a hand grenade on Blågårds Plads and here – by the side of the grenade – to have written ’the Death of ralph waldo emerson.’

– I have just been appointed for the man. I can tell you that he refuses guilty, telling the lawyer.

The details, he has not the full picture of yet.

– so far I know of the case in the main features from what have been going in the media. But I can tell you that I am in contact with the man, telling the lawyer.

the Lawyer confirms that the man is wanted internationally.

– He would like to have this call removed, so he can get smoothly home. And I can understand that. It is indeed a possibility that he come home and appear in court.

– However, from what I have so far been disclosed, authorities are not going to do it. Well apart from the reasoning that you can’t be sure that he would also do it.

– there May also be political pressure for that not to have removed the international call?

– In relation to the latter question, then one can imagine that internally within the public prosecution service has a policy that you don’t just how to remove an international call as a called for can go home, as they do not with certainty, can know whether the called actually travel to Denmark.

however, It is Rune Wiborgs clear to me that his client has a strong desire to come to Denmark:

– It is that he caters to the Extra Leaf is also a sign that he is serious.