Every year new trends in interior decoration emerge. Do you want to know about the interior design trends in 2020? If you plan an integral reform of your apartment or villa, it is advisable to buy design furniture online.

Interior designs trends in 2020:

When making a comprehensive reform of your home, you must be aware of the news in terms of interior decoration in homes, so that the result is just what you were looking for: a renovated, modern and very practical home.

1. Less is more:

The philosophy of “less is more” is breaking into force when we talk about a reform of a flat. and is that more and more minimalist environments are chosen, with fewer things but bigger. So when investing in interior decoration, we advise you to simplify.

2. Open and bright spaces:

Natural lighting is one of the most precious assets of a home, so it is important to take advantage of it and make the most of it. As well as creating open spaces, to favor relaxation.

3. Personalization and creativity:

Personalization and creativity are essential when choosing furniture because they must correctly express who we are and what we want to convey through the decoration of our home.

4. Nature-inspired elements:

One of the main trends in interior decoration in 2020 is to incorporate nature in all its aspects. We not only see it with the use of natural plants but also when using some fabrics or textures and even decorating with trees and artificial plants as we discussed in another blog article.

5. Natural materials:

This point is closely linked with the previous one because interior decoration uses a lot of natural materials. They are beautiful, attractive, and environmentally friendly and have an economical price.

It is possible to resort to materials, elements or textures such as stone, wood, seashells, jute, wicker, rattan, hemp, etc.

6. Geometric and futuristic elements:

We will also see a decoration with geometric shapes that are inspired by the future, asymmetry, brass touches, decorated glass, etc. Elements of before and now integrated to achieve a retro and modern environment.

7. Colors and touches of color:

The colors white, black, gray and beige are the main protagonists of the world of interior decoration today. However, more and more owners decide to bet on the touches of color.

That is, incorporate elements that stand out from others into a room – for example, a mustard-colored armchair in a room that combines black, gray and white tones. Doing this is key in decorating modern classrooms.