In april last year, the popular television host Christian Degn confirm that he and the boyfriend Sirid Garff had gone each to his and since then it has been continued with the new on kærlighedsfronten.

in turn, could suggest that the ’Who wants to be a millionaire’host, who is a favorite guest on the red carpet, often being asked to, if there is anything new. In any case, he had a message for the press, when he troppede up to the TV Price 2020 Saturday night.

– I’d like to start with a statement: I have not got any boyfriend lately. I know that all Of you will ask, so is it done, said the highest television host, which measures 208 inches.

So easy he got off, however, which he took with a smile.

– How can it be that there are so many who have said no to a male like you?

– I have not thrown me away on the way, I have simply nothing to say, but if there is anything else you want to talk with me about, so I would very much like to talk about it.

– But you must get many offers?

– Shit, is it the style, we need to run? I thought it was a wise move, laughed he.

Christian Degn was ready to give the gas on the red carpet, but first he had a statement to the press. Photo: Linda Johansen

’Who wants to be a millionaire’, he would in turn like to talk about. He calls the program mega fun to make, and he told me that he was incredibly happy to make it. He has taken over the værtsrollen from the program’s longtime host, His Pilgaard, and it has caused some reactions.

– There was one, called Peter Ingemann, who sent a text message. He would like to know if it was the most difficult to follow after Peter Campion or His Pilgaard. I don’t have decided yet, he said with a smile and with reference to the fact that he took over the role as host of the popular DR-program ’Hammer’ from Peter Ingemann back in 2014.

– Not, there will always be reactions, but the cool thing is that I have tried it before. It is clear that it is a big role to take over after His, there is a legend in Danish tv. I think it’s also quiet, you can say that Peter Campion was, so I’m trained in it.

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According to Christian Degn, he has particularly focused on the not to copy Hans Pilgaard. It is important for him that he gives the program its own mark.

– It is a foreign format, and you must also keep firmly in yourself. In China they are starting to have the news being read by a robot. In fact you can just add a host that says such and such, but how am I me in the ’Who wants to be a millionaire’?, ask and give yourself the answer.

– There have been mega good to give space to, that I can have fun with the contestants and tease them with some of the issues and tease them with some wrong answers too. But the last I try to stop.

The last was a reference to an annoying incident in which he killed one participant, the life of the program, which you can read more about below:

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