In the middle of august could be the TV2 introduce the danes to a new, daily talk show, when the ‘Go’ Tonight Live’ went in the air.

At the head of the program stand Jes Dorph-Petersen, Petra Nagel, Abdel Aziz Mahmoud and Natasja Crone and here is a small half a year after the premiere recognises Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, you probably have wanted too much in too short a time.

– I’m happy the numbers are good and the viewers are also excited for it. We develop it quietly, he says, and adds:

– I think we started out with wanting too much, and now we take it easy, so everyone can be with.

– How would too much?

– Try to hear, at 17.30 and 18.30 is the hardest time. We all have so many routines daily, it’s not like at 20, where we are accustomed to, that we see what is happening or streamer something. If you want to move on it, so you must do it, explain why you do it and take all with. It is like if you are changing your formats, but I think we have been better to tell the viewers, what we’re doing, he says.

the Tv host Abdel Aziz Mahmoud believes that the man has been better to tell the viewers what they will with the program. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

He turned, even as a profile on the Danish national Radio to the competitor. He shifted at the same time, more controversial programs – often with a political focus – out with hyggefjernsyn, and he has been able to feel the reactions.

– There are many more who ask, what clothes I have on. I have not tried before. The applications I made before, might have had fewer viewers, but I found more. Here you have to have more with, and it means that when you then finally going to make a mistake, have a topic that is slightly controversial, or give too much of themselves, then hits the also just, he says, and continues:

– So you get both the good and bad to know. If a guest is crying, it has just a completely different effect, or if I’m too cocky, so I shall probably hear of it, he laughs.

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TV2-host, however, enjoys his new life, where he also enjoys being tenured. It gives him, namely, a greater freedom, as he has had in the past.

– I have begun to live a normal life, and I notice in many, many ways. It has been nice to have a life where I know when I have a day off, and as I live just around the corner from Tivoli, so I can see Tivoli from my balcony, so I get home faster, and I eat at home, he finishes of.