It was a unanimous jury in the Court of Nykøbing F, who on Friday gave its judgment in the senseless drabssag, where the 32-year-old father of two boys, Peter Kræsing Larsen was killed with a single knife in the heart in his own home in Stubbekøbing 25. may of this year.

Nævningetinget well-known 31-year-old Lars Trillingsgaard guilty of manslaughter and sentenced him to 12 years in prison for the eyes of a full courtroom with the victim’s family.

the Prosecutor had procederet for 13 years in prison, because the defendants had a reststraf at 11 months in prison from a røveridom, but the judgment was therefore 12 years imprisonment, which is the normal base for the killing.

Lars Trillingsgaard has throughout denied guilty in the killing, but acknowledged violence resulting in death. And he was not ready to join the proceedings in the district court.

– We have appealed to the high court. And then we shall see what happens, says his defending Erbil Kaya.

On the first day, it came to light Lars Trillingsgaard only knew the victim in the periphery. But in the run-up to the killing had the woman as the accused perceived as his girlfriend, told him that she had kissed with Peter Kræsing Larsen.

Influenced by beer and vodka grabbed Lars Trillingsgaard the fatal Saturday evening in may a large kitchen knife and walked up to the victim’s house to get certainty as to whether they had kissed or had sexual intercourse.

He claimed in court that he only took the knife along as a ‘keep away’-knife, and that he did not thrust him deliberately.

Subsequently, he called himself to the emergency, where he in the desperate call, claiming that he randomly found the man, who had been up to contend with some others. The calls were played in court.

Plus Peter killed for a kiss: Desperate emergency call played in court

the Woman in the middle has also been heard in court. She said that she and Lars Trillingsgaard had been lovers, but they were not in a relationship at the time of the killing.