‘He pisses on citizens and use our tax money for their own profit’,

‘Hold up a klaphat’,

‘New mayor to Ishøj – thank you . The man has proven that greed knows no boundaries.’

In the facebook group ‘Our Ishøj’ are not put fingers in between, when it comes to Ekstra detection of Ishøjs mayor Ole Bjørstorp(S). Bykongen from the Area have connectors in the rules used municipal tax VW Golf Sportsvan to and from work and parked it at home – even though the car must be at work.

Earlier Friday reported Ishøj Municipality in a press release that it has sent the case to the Ankestyrelsen to get clarity about the rules. And some hours after and told Ole Bjørstorp out on Facebook that he would stop using it outside of normal working hours.

– I’m sorry to the case. Since there are now doubts have been raised about the use of a tjenestebil, I have from yesterday, the 23.1.20 stopped the use of tjenestebil outside of normal working hours. The case will be thoroughly examined.

the Danish policy – 24. jan. 2020 – pm. 16:37 Bykonge stop private purposes for the disclosure

the Extra Leaf has been on a trip in Ishøj at the centre of the village to hear the opinion of citizens – and here reads it, among other things, that an apology is not enough.

Hasse Nielsen, Ishøj, denmark:

– He must draw for themselves.

Photo: Aleksander Klug

– the Rules apply to all – also the mayor. With the salary he gets, he has the plenty to afford to run in his own car, so I think he should withdraw.

– If a citizen in the same way had broken the rules, was he been chased around by Tax and municipality.

Grete Holm, Ishøj, denmark: – Not working

Photo: Aleksander Klug

My son also has a company car, but he uses it not private. So it should be the mayor, of course, also be able to find out.

– It is not in order.

Thomas West: – ‘ve seen him in it several times

Photo: Aleksander Klug

I laughed when I read it. As a former homeless I have several times tried, in vain, to get him in a dialogue about the homeless situation in the municipality and get it on the agenda and in the media. And when the mayor, then finally comes on the cover, it about it here.

-There is, of course, not in order to abuse his office on the way. I’ve actually seen him run in it several times and thought about it mon was his.