I knew the people here, we had a lot of flights together. I’m so shocked. It could have been me.

How to tell Ukrainian Hanna Tkachenko, which Ekstra Bladet has spoken with in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

Here should stewarden Ihor Matkov and flight attendants Kateryna Statnik and Valeriia Ovcharuk, along with six crew and 167 passengers after the plan landed Wednesday in the Boryspil airport 30 kilometers to the east of the metropolis. So far reached their flight, however, not.

War & disasters – 9. jan. 2020 – pm. 09:49 Airline publishes the names of plane crash victims

hannah’s former colleagues at the pictures 1, 2 and 4 from the left. Photo: AFP/Sergei Supinsky

The three and Hanna Tkachenko were colleagues for several years when she worked for the Ukrainian International Airlines in the years 2013-2018. Trip went to destinations in both the US, Europe and Asia, and about once a month Tehran with route 752 – the very same flight in which a Boeing 737 on Wednesday crashed in flames just minutes after takeoff from the iranian capital.

– They were always happy and all very professional. We visited all sorts of different cities together (sometimes the flights, red.) and had a lot of fun. No one could imagine something like this happen, tells Hanna Tkachenko.

She could not believe what she saw and heard, when the tragic news came forward.

– you think You have a nightmare, and wakes up on a bit. You don’t think something like this can happen so ‘close’ on a. It is hard to imagine how their families must feel, she says.

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The british and the canadian government was declared in the first place, that it was a rocket from the iranian land, which got the plane to crash on Wednesday morning. Almost at the same time appeared a video which appears to show the moment when the plane was hit by a rocket.

Iran denied on Friday that the Ukrainian passenger plane had been hit by something, but Saturday morning changed his mind and acknowledged responsibility.

the 112 – 11. jan. 2020 – pm. 05:56 Iran admits: ‘ve shot Ukrainian plane down by mistake

According to the military came the shooting down as a result of ‘human error’.

– It is difficult to accept as ‘a mistake’. The people here was just doing their job, ” says Hanna Tkachenko Extra Magazine.

– I will remember them (Ihor, Kateryna and Valeriia, red.) as happy people who always smiled, was ready to help and generally performed their jobs to perfection.