KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): Mie Højlund got one on berry and she loves it!

The offensive whirlwind has transformed itself to the relentless stampede of defense and is reaping high praise. Against France, Odense-player is also a solid slap in the face, when a French player selected to lead the arm through in a shot, and met just once firmly on the cheek, eye and forehead, where she the next day they can present a nice little rift on top of a solid raised an eye.

– I can look out, and I can also even see the swelling from the inside, haha. It is a little disheartening. Riften may originate from a nail, but I still have not completely mastered, what hits me.

the Eye is blue and the cheek nicely raised. Mie Højlund love to share the damage too, and then one must also even cashing once in a while. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

How is it that waking up and knowing you has been a real forsvarskriger?

– It is fat. I can very well li’. It used to be that I was taken out of the defense and switched into the attack. In the last matches, it has been quite the opposite. But I love to stand in defense, so I’m actually really happy to be there.

Many are probably thinking that you are a slender girl?

– I do not know where people got it from. But I hear it often.

please be careful she does not break…

– Yes. When people meet me in reality, I hear often that I actually is larger than they thought. I strength coach the insanely much and I’m glad it gives returns in the defence. That I can share some shots out and not only get.

Mie Højlund and teammates got a day off on Saturday before the match against Norway on Sunday, kil 12.30 local time. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

What is it that is so fun to beat the other?

– It is the fat in handball. I also think they think it is cool in boxing, haha. I have for many years embraced a great many beatings, so it is actually time to share any out yourself. It’s more fun than getting them. Right now I can see that it can provide a little counter-productive, haha.

How do you get your rapid fodskifte?

– It is just born with, and as trainer and developer you on what trainer to be even more explosive and faster in his feints. Defence I know, how I even hate to be covered up.

are you Thinking, that you continue in the role of bouncer during the WORLD cup?

– It thinks I, if I continue to play a little half-miserable attacking. So you have to bid into a place, and I have nothing against it – it is mega fun to be down there. There are so good a spirit, and it is cool to share beating out and hear so much rejoicing over it.

Why does your attacking not quite?

– We have pulled a bit of the move out of it, and I have a hard time to get used to that boldtempoet not as high as normal. I think I mis-hours and comes to stand too close to the defense. It also happens when I shoot. It has with the timing and impetus to do.

How to stop the Norwegian anti-express?

We peeled just some of our kontrafase out in order to minimize the number of technical errors, and kontramål to the opponents is something of it, we are penalized allerhårdest on. We should be just as boldsikre against Norway and France. When we burn, we must be sharp in return.

Mie Højlund and teammates took a free Saturday and jumped the training over. I wonder if she’s got herself a little one – on eye…

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