Usually catches the eye, perhaps a seagull, or an oil tanker in the distance, when you stand on the beach in Skagen, a januarmorgen.

Something different was the view Friday, where you almost could not see the otherwise good-sized vinterbølger for both dressed and naked bodies in all forms.

There were approximately equal numbers, which bore respectively. in the swimsuit or pants, and that God has created them.

Wiiiiii! How great is it, the sound of the excited kvinderåb, while another is busy with fast to get up out of it about five degrees cold water again.

For the ninth time threw several hundred early risers winter bathers in the blue waves from the beach in Skagen, denmark, to shoot this year vinterbaderfestival in the city started with an icy blast.

It is to be fairly wrapped up before and after the cold thrill.

362 men and women from four different countries and 47 clubs in the year. The attendance impresses Mette Hust, who is chairman of the Vinterbaderklubben Perhaps, that is behind the festival.

– We have again broken the record. It is great to see all the people here. We have a party together, it is not only about to jump in the sea, she says.

– at Home in Norway vinterbader we together every Friday morning, tells Kristine Fjeldstad (far right).

Members from ten different clubs from Norway has taken the tour to be with. One of them is Kristine Fjeldstad from Kristianssand, who defected excited and and down in the water.

– It is so much fun! The first time, I’m with you here, but it is just amazing to vinderbade. I’m so happy, she smiles.

the Icy facts: the Boom in vinterbadelaug

* ten years ago was 10.823 danes a member in a club or a guild

* In June of this year, it was figure had grown to 48.645

* most of The joins in the autumn, and now report vinterbadeforeningerne in Denmark, they have around 50,000 members

* There are slightly more women than men

* All age groups – except children – is represented

* ten years ago, there were 17 vinterbadelaug nationwide

* today, there are 136

(Source: winter bathers in Denmark)

– It takes 30 seconds to dip, so how in the world can you make a festival out of it? That is what I thought vinterbaderklubben suggested it. But see the happiness and the community here. It is what it is all about, says head of tourism in Skagen René Zeeberg.

One of them, who came exceptionally quickly out of the water again, was the city manager, René Zeeberg, who are not usually for the cold thrill.

– The worst is that here is not a sauna, so you have to stand and air dry in a small box. But I’m going to have to know what it is, which gets the tourists here, he explains.

Many had warm hats and special badesko or stockings on. And they kept them on in the water to keep warm.

Different excited is Vinterbadeklubben Aqua Vitus and Badenymferne from Horsens.

Not one. Also not two. But all three times they run out of the Experience cold waves.

– Three times is quite common in our club. There we have no sauna, says Signe Bøttzau with a smile, as she dries herself.

– at Home I can lie under the covers and freeze, but then I skip in the suit, to take down to the water and jumps in, and then freezes suddenly I do not, explains Signe Bøttzau (in the middle) on the vinterbadningens benefits.

– But why even bathe in the icy water?

– So that you don’t, how much we laughed out there? You will be simply completely happy in the lid of it.

How to vinterbader you probably

* Follow the five bathing tips like the summer.

* Beware of the slippery steps on the swimming pier.

* Hop never in head first, and take like a hat.

* Let the body cool down a bit outside, if you go directly from the sauna to the water.

* breathe easy.

* Take only a depth of 5-10 seconds, the first time you vinterbader.

* Remember warm clothes and something hot to drink afterwards.

* Bad never alone.

Source: Trygfondens Dnf

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