the World’s largest airliner, still in production, the aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s 777X aircraft, has the night of Sunday carried out its first test flight.

This is shown in a video on the flyproducentens website.

The 77-meter-long aircraft landed in Seattle in front of hundreds of cheering Boeing employees for more than three hours in the air.

flight test had been delayed two time this week due to bad weather conditions, writes CNN.

Boeing’s latest flagship two engines can carry up to 425 passengers and has a wingspan of 72 metres.

It is expected that the 777X will be the main aircraft for the manufacturer in the coming years and will cover the majority of long-haul routes.

Boeing’s new aircraft will officially name 777-9, but has been called the 777X, while it has been developed.

the Aircraft must be put in use on intercontinental flights from 2021.

the Presentation of the 777X was in the spring delayed, as the aircraft manufacturer was in a big storm last year, when Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft, also a relatively new aircraft, was the aircraft that crashed in Ethiopia in march.

A second aircraft of the type crashed in the fall of 2018 down in Indonesia also shortly after the start. In total, 346 people were killed as a result of the two plane crashes.

Authorities around the world – including in Europe – issued the subsequent grounding of the aircraft type, so it can be clarified whether there is a systemic problem. The ban is not yet lifted.

the Problem with the aircraft has thrown Boeing out in one of the biggest crises in the company’s history. So far Boeing has had over nine billion u.s. dollars in unforeseen expenses.

In december, topchefen Dennis Muilenburg replaced, and the FAA, criticizing him for having tried to push the authority to repeal the grounding of the 737 MAX.

Uncertainty about when the type returns to normal operation, got the u.s. credit ratings agency such Fitch Ratings to cut Its credit rating in the previous week.

Both the Boeing’ 747-8 and Arbus’ 380 is larger, however, it is produced they are no longer from new, but can be traded used.