Counter Strike team Astralis won the Sunday tournament IEM Beijing, China.

With a cup of 16-14, 16-5 and 16-3 over 100 Thieves from Australia, the danes were fingers in the top prize of 125,000 the dollar equivalent of the small 850.000 dollars.

The australian opponents pressed Astralis on the first map, the Vertigo, but the Danish team had yet taken the first trick.

On one of the Astralis players favorite maps, the Nuke, was by the danes, a near sovereign for a worthy introduction.

100 Thieves should now provide a huge comeback to beat Astralis, and it was the australian team is not in the vicinity of the third map in the finals, Train.

Even though Astralis lost the first round, then won the danes the next eight rounds, and with a 8-1-keeping was the final real definitely.

Despite the defeat, can 100 Thieves leave China with a check for 340.000 euro (about 50,000 u.s. dollars) for second place.

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