Huawei would rather close the company than obey orders to spy or sabotage the 5G network. And so it does not matter whether the orders come from the chinese or other countries ‘ authorities.

It says Kenneth Fredriksen, who is huawei’s nordic director, in an interview with DR.

– We can’t go in and make the kinds of changes in a network. And we are never going to make it on the basis of the orders of some authorities, he says to the media.

the Response comes after a conversation in a leaked audio file in the last week came forward.

Here shall inform the permanent secretary Herálvur Joensen of the faroese environment and the minister of trade, Helgi Abrahamsen, of a meeting between the Cabinet and the chinese ambassador in Denmark, Feng Tie.

the Director had understood the conversation between the faroese government of the faroes and the ambassador such that it would have implications for the Faroe islands, if not the faroese telecommunications company Færoya Telecom selected Huawei as the supplier of its 5G network.

– I understood it such, that when the chinese ambassador summed up, as he had said, that if it is not here, then there is no trade agreement, said the director, according to Berlingske.

the Danish people’s udenrigsordfører, Søren Espersen, said that the leaked audio was a clear proof that the chinese state and the company Huawei are very closely related.

The american ambassador in Denmark, Carla Sands, in the faroese newspaper Sosialurin warned that the chinese company will be able to spy or close to the faroese 5G networks, where China’s communist party asked for it.

But it is simply not possible, inform the nordic director Kenneth Fredriksen.

– We do not have access to the networks. We provide the equipment, which our customers operate and maintain. It is not us who handle our customers ‘ networks, he said to DR.

He calls on the customers to make their decisions based on technical and commercial assessments. There must not be any political interference, he believes.