the Idea came to Farah Roslan, while she was in rotation as a medical doctor at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The day had the young woman, who is muslim, carried the same hijab all day. She knew that it was not ideal in relation to bacteria, but she was not comfortable having to take it off. Out on the day she was pulled ‘respectfully’ out from the operating room, because there were concerns about the hygiene because of Farah Roslans the hijab.

In that moment, she knew that there had to be a ‘middle ground’ between religionsbestemt clothes and the passion about to work with operations.

It writes the BBC.

Therefore, the young medical student, now working in Lincolnshire, to research, and looked at the rise against Malaysia, where she was born.

Now she has, in cooperation with the hospitalsfonden University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Trust designed and developed a sterile engangshijab.

According to the surgeon Gill Tierney, who was a mentor to Farah Roslan, when she was there as a student, is hospitalsfonden the first in England to introduce the new type of hijab that can be removed and swapped out between the operations.

– We know that it is a silent issue in operating rooms around the country, and I don’t really think it’s been mentioned, says Gill Tierney.

– It has not cost much, and hopefully the effect is tremendous, she continues.