It is a source of great unhappiness for many men: To go faster than desired.

While a number of women struggle to have an orgasm, is the opposite the case for many men.

It can be a big load for one man (and his partner) when he ejaculates in a matter of a few minutes. It affects obviously, sexual arousal negative, but the quality of life, self-esteem and relationship problems can also deteriorate.

the Researchers define premature ejaculation as ejaculation within about three minutes of sexual intercourse. While the science part has found a medical solution to physiological conditional rejsningsbesvær (Viagra, Cialis), have it pinched with regard to quick release:

A SSRI product, Dapoxetin, easy and intuitive designed for the treatment of depression, has shown a small effect, like the various local anesthetic creams can be effective. In addition knibeøvelser often referred to by therapists as a method to strengthen the pelvic floor and thus control over the operation.

A new study is looking at a second option, namely the use of the so-called start-stop technique with a vibrator.

the Start-stop technique is about to masturbate (and later having sex) to the point just before ejaculation again and again, so on the way learns of his body’s signals to know.

50 adult men participated in the study. A part of these men was a control group.

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the Men were given water-based lube and a small hand-held vibrator. They were told to masturbate three time a week for six weeks in the following way: the Vibrator is placed on the underside of the glans under the onanien, as they so had to stop, when they saw that the operation was over.

When things had calmed down again, but without losing their breath (read: sexual lust), they had to continue the vibratorstøttede masturbation. They were to do three times, in which they had come, if they would.

Participants may like to masturbate in other ways in the period and also have sex.

A group of participants were also given further information on how triggering works – a reflex action that trigges, when there is sexually stimulated for a sufficiently long period. They were also taught that a way to check the operation is to monitor his arousal and to learn his body’s signals to know during sexual arousal.

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in Order to improve the interoceptive sense (the sense of what happens in the body) meditated the group also 15 minutes three times a week, before masturbation sessions. Here, they listened to the meditation exercises, which focused on the breath and attention on the sensations in the body.

These mental and physical exercises were a part of the therapy.

And this is what scientists came up with:

Men, that start-stop masturbated with a vibrator, reported significantly fewer symptoms of premature ejaculation, both in relation to the time before the release, the feeling of control over the operation, as well as fewer ejaculations at almost no stimulation.

However, there were no significant differences on the team and on the group, which also received the information and the meditation exercises in the package – but it can, according to the researchers due to that the process was not far enough to have a real effect on the durability. However, the group felt less stress and worry over sex and premature ejaculation.

the Researchers acknowledge that the study is very small, so the conclusions are correspondingly less dense. But since there are no found side effects at neither vibratorbrug or greater kropsbevidshed as well as meditation, damage it hardly to try things at home.

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