In may 2015, Anne Grethe Bjarup Riis’ son, diagnosed with leukemia. It was the beginning of a long and difficult period for the actor and her family.

In 2017 had one son, Gilbert last treated with chemo and was subsequently raskmeldt.

The long and difficult time has been Anne Grethe Bjarup Riis to write a fiktionsbog with inspiration from her own life.

En Ekstra Bladet met her on the red carpet for the Robert awards, the conversation on her upcoming book, and what she has learned about the whole of the son’s illness.

– I don’t think we listen enough to each other. Now I sit and write the novel about my son’s illness and my own childhood. Exactly, I think that we are bad to lift each other, when others are in crisis. We are afraid to go into that room, that hurts. It is perhaps because we are reminded of one’s own death and pain. What we need to be better, she told.

One of the reasons why we are afraid to go into a space that can be painful, is due to Anne Grethe a cultural problem.

– We live at least in a culture where one might take a wrong into account. Where we say ‘We should not disturb. The need for ro’, but we only need that there is no caller on and take care of one, sounds her call.

Just that she will elaborate much more in his book, who follow her are going to be about the great sorrow.

the Book is going to be about feel both to be in crisis, but also feel the sadness and frustration there is in that there are no and visit one, it sounded.

the Particular one thing she has learned in the process of getting the book written.

– I have learned that we must forgive each other, because there is always a reason to turn away. It is not because there are evil people. We just need to learn to understand each other also.

– Who have you recently forgiven?

– I have forgiven my family, it sounded short.