a Short time before the battle, must stand between the democratic candidates for the first primaries to be held in Iowa 3. February, there emerged conflict between two of the prominent candidates.

Former vice president Joe Biden accuses Bernie Sanders’ kampagnehold to have manipulated a video, which they have used in their campaign.

– It is simply a lie. The video is a lie, said Biden Saturday, according to Reuters.

In the video, you can hear Joe Biden agree with the republican former running mate Paul Ryan to cut down on the budget for Social Security (welfare programs for u.s. employees, red.).

But according to Joe Biden, the video is fake.

He has therefore asked his opponent kampagnehold to remove the video, but it has not been implemented.

the campaign manager for Bernie Sanders, Faiz Shakir, maintain that the video is real.

Biden has not just the pressure on to cut down on Social Security – he has been recorded several times, where he proudly boasted of it, he says, according to Reuters.

An independent american faktatjekker has assessed that the video is fake.