Silkeborg-top scorer Ronnie Schwartz is ready again for Silkeborg, after he on Monday withdrew with a knee injury in the superligakampen against Brøndby.

On its website Silkeborg published the squad for Saturday’s match against AC Horsens, and here appears the team’s top scorer among Kent Nielsen’s 20 selected.

on Monday against Brøndby had SIF’s top scorer Ronnie Schwartz let out to replace it with a damage already after a half hour of play. The injury proved not serious, and thus the attacker with 10 goals so far in the season ready to play against Horsens on Saturday at the CASA Arena, says it is now on the club’s website.

the Attacker took to the knee after a clash with Brondby-goalkeeper Marvin Schwäbe and called with the same on the lægestaben.

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Schwartz tried briefly to return on the field, but proceeded out to his chagrin in the first half.

After the match, he expressed, nevertheless optimism.

– the Doctor has carried out some studies which show that the knee is relatively stable, so that is why I am reasonably optimistic in relation to the extent of the damage, said Ronnie Schwartz.

the Accident gave the former Randers and AaB-attack the bad memories of a korsbåndsskade, he was in 2017.

– It was not fun to get the thoughts inside your head again at the worst possible time for me, when I has been inside a good period of time, he said.

But now he can apparently breathe a sigh of relief, and the same head coach Kent Nielsen, who has passed out in successes with Silkeborg this season.

Oprykkerholdet is last in the League with seven points, but with ten goals and a second-place friendly game against france on Ronnie Schwartz has been a bright spot.

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