Nice it looked, but the FCK-its adherents ‘ pyroshow in the Park becomes an expensive game for the club.

UEFA has opened a case against FC Copenhagen, who can look forward to even a gigabøde, when the union of european football associations in the middle of February has dealt with the matter.

Before Thursday’s Europa League match against Malmö FF was popping lots of pyrotechnics on Section 12, where the stemningsskabende fans keep to.

That was fired over 50 pieces of pyrotechnics just before kick-off, and also in the course of the fight was several times igniting the pyrotechnics. The kind of look UEFA on with great severity, and the hammer is going to fall.

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Shortly before the fight was popping lots of or more main gun barrels from the Section 12. Photo: Gisle Thorsen
Probably will FC Copenhagen in addition to a big fine get a conditional so-called ’partial closure’ of the stadium.

UEFA’s control and disciplinærkomité may decide that the Danish champions should close by for spectators on the B-stage, where pyroteknikken is ignited.

It came to pass, for Malmö FF after the match against FCK in October.

the Swedes should shut of for 5000 spectators on their nordtribune. There is, however, a conditional sentence, that can be triggered if there is a new disciplinary problems within the next year.

FC Copenhagen to February by all accounts also get a conditional sentence.

But once again fired pyrotechnics in the 1/16-finals at the end of February, it can trigger the judgment, and the FCK would have to play the next european match for the partially empty grandstands.

however, There is also the possibility that the judgment from UEFA not being made conditional.

IN FC Copenhagen are very aware of the problem and did before the fight the spectators attention on pyro-the problem in a post on the website:

– Overall, it’s a very serious situation that can potentially damage the FC Copenhagen. It can potentially lead to empty grandstands for our matches in the near future.

Many of the copenhagen followers Thursday evening on the message from the private club.

Some FCK-fangrupperinger has a strained relationship with UEFA, and against Malmö FF there were also several banners with the address to UEFA.

They were not as directly as the ‘UEFA Mafia-banner’, that triggered the ca. Dkk 150,000. in fine after the first Malmö-match.

However, if UEFA were to assess that there was a political message, it becomes an expensive place.

To come up with a message that is not appropriate for a sporting event’ road to UEFA to approx. 75.000 kr. the first time that it happens.

the Second time is bødetaksten around 112.000 dkk.

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There was intense atmosphere in the stands Thursday night in the Park. Photo: Anthon Unger
FC Copenhagen got a total fine of 523.000 kr. after the match in Malmö, and it may very well end up with an even larger fine this time – including a conditional sentence on a closed tribuneafsnit.

According to UEFA’s disciplinary provisions costs each and every piece of fireworks well 3750 kr. at a førstegangsforseelse. The second time, it should be 50 per cent. to.

It will say that FC Copenhagen are going to fine with the 5600 kr. for each light, and a conservative estimate is that there at least was fired 100 in the Park on Thursday evening.


Can’t keep it out

IN FC Copenhagen feel like you’re doing everything to keep the stands fyrværkerifri.

We are in dialogue with fangrupperinger, to refer the crowd and have also had the sniffer pyro-dogs in action in the Park. But it can’t keep pyroteknikken out.

Purely regulatory, there are limits to how thorough a visitation, the guards can make, and with over 30,000 spectators, there is also a practical aspect.

IN FC Copenhagen fear not only to fines from UEFA and the empty grandstands. The club has a real concern that one day it goes wrong and someone gets seriously hurt in the Park.

– the Problem with pyrotechnics is that all the studies show that it is extremely dangerous for both the person who fires it, as well as for medfans about the person.

– It is our duty as a responsible football club to do everything we can for our fans, players, staff and other spectators are not injured, write FC Copenhagen on its website.


Scores 20 million. kr.

There is money to pay the fines from UEFA.

Performance in the Europa League-the group has sent just over 20 million. kr. in the Park’s coffers.

FCK got two wins, and they triggered a total of € 8.5 million). kr. The three drawn games ended the copenhageners in a total of 4,25 million. kr., while the number two in the group gets the 3.75 million. kr. in the prize money.

Finally, further to 3.75 million. kr. in order to have qualified for 1/16-finals.

Startpengene in the Europa League was barely 22 million. kr., and this season’s european adventure may very well end up bringing the club in the region of 100 million. kr.

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