The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Germany.

The state health authorities in Bavaria late Monday evening.

The infected is a man from Starnberg area, which lies about 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Munich.

the Man’s condition is stable, informs the bavarian office for health and food safety (LGL).

He is being monitored by health professionals and is isolated, inform the authorities in a statement.

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A spokesman for the health ministry in Bavaria says that the risk of infection among the population in the German state considered to be low.

the Assessment comes from a group of experts from LGL and researchers from the Robert Koch Institute, the German government institution for disease control and prevention.

The people who have been in close contact with the infected man have been examined for symptoms and informed about security measures.

The new virus, originating from the chinese city of Wuhan, has so far killed 80 people in China. Further, at least 2744 persons across the country become infected.

The chinese authorities have tried to limit the infection by shutting entire cities down. It happens in the midst of the celebration of the chinese new year, where millions of people usually travel home to visit family.

Authorities estimate that well over 5000 people carry the virus.

The real figure may be much higher. It told Gabriel Leung, head of medicinfakultetet at the university of Hong kong, on Monday.

According to Gabriel Leung indicates research, that there is probably talk of about 44,000 infected.

There are also confirmed cases of the deadly virus in Japan, south Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the USA, France and Australia.