Are all set on the social media?

Look In the right Sasha, or I show only what I want to see?

More ask to my children and they live with me, and yes, they do, but my children should not be on social media.

I use my Facebook to show my children and using it for my normal life.

Before everything else, I am a mother and wife. Although many do not understand it, so is it now, my life is. I love being a mother, and a mother with a big ‘M’.

Every morning I get up and make breakfast, pack lunches, find clothes and make my children aware. I show you only that, I will have to see.

My children take no harm of it, I’m doing or feel, it is embarrassing.

Naked and good mother
on the Contrary, I have brought up my children well so that they respect all people, and what they are doing. For though I am naked on the social media, I am actually a good mother who knows how I should bring up my children.

Because I’m so open about nudity and operations and many other things, I have also taught my children that it is okay to do what you want, and no one should tell you how you should look, or how you want to be, but that you should only be faithful to themselves.

I am so very very curling-mother.

So, people can say it’s bad, but I also live with a fear of losing my children. When they are not with me, I can be the anxiety that there should befall them something. When they call from school, I always think, she has fallen, has broken an arm or on hold in the head.

It came after my youngest girl was hospitalized for two weeks in the hospital due to inflammation of the knee, not even something where it was really serious, but it dawned on me that maybe I could lose her.

My children means everything to me, and I will choose them every time, if one of them one day came and asked me to delete my Instagram, so I had made it without hesitation.

I will do everything for the little angels, and although all children can be naughty, and one can become totally insane, for I can also, so are they really the best thing that ever happened to me.

Therefore, I am also really angry and sad when people write about them on the net, as if they know them. I have seen people mess up my children to.

They have not decided that I must be in reality, must not be a part of it.

I may well share a picture of them once in a while, but it is not often, I do it. They must choose if they want to, and they also always asked about the picture is neat, I always believe it is nice.

keep in mind that I only show you what I want.

Both of my children live at home and are brought up well, they are not removed, and they don’t take damage of it, I do.