For the first time a responsible minister under the vidneansvar tell what the government in 2004 knew about the Danish soldiers ‘ handling of prisoners in Iraq.

It happens, when then minister of defense, Søren Gade (V) to testify in the proceedings in the Supreme court.

It writes Politiken.

Earlier, the Defence ministry has denied that mr Søren Gade had to testify, because it was thought that it did not matter by. Søren Gade is today a member of the EU Parliament.

the Case deals with the Danish presence in Iraq. Here was a group of iraqi farmers in 2004 captured during it, which was called “Operation Green Desert”, which was a danskledet military operation.

the Iraqis were captured in southern Iraq and handed over to the iraqi forces, where they were mistreated.

It emphasised The high Court in any case in 2018, when the court, after a year-long action for damages, decided that the defense ministry had to pay over 30,000 dollars for each of the 18 iraqis.

the Verdict fell out thus, because The high Court believed that the iraqis had been mistreated – and that Denmark is known for the risk, but nevertheless failed to try to prevent it.

however, the Court held that there was talk about torture, or that Denmark had participated in the mistreatment.

Already when the case was running in court, would the iraqi prosecutors have questioned, Søren Gade, who was defence minister from 2004 to 2010.

But then, opposite the department of defense lawyer, Attorney, out of this. It does not make it anymore.

– the Case is different now than it was in The high Court, explains Peter channel frequency (mhz) from the Attorney for the newspaper Politiken.

– When we have asked Søren Gade testify in the Supreme court, it is because the high court in its judgment says that some of the iraqis must have a replacement, because the ministry knew – or should know – that the situation in Iraq was not the best, he adds.

Thus, Søren Gade in the Supreme court to have to explain what he knew about the controversial military operation “Green Desert”. Including the risk that the captured iraqis could be abused by iraqi forces.

in Addition, the case to review 50 to 60 other witnesses, which the Supreme court according to Politiken has approved.

Søren Gade, however, has not wanted to comment on the new role as a key witness, writes Politiken.