It was a storsmilende Nicolas Kiesa, who on Wednesday evening met up on the red carpet for ” movie premiere gala of ‘the Clown – The Final’ at the Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen.

Here was the former race car driver namely his girlfriend, Amanda, arm in arm. And though they have been lovers for several years, it was the first time, Kiesa showed her up in public.

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– We’ve come together in about 2.5 years, but this is the first time we are at the cinema, said the 41-year-old Nicolas Kiesa with a laugh and continued:

It was Amanda’s idea (that they should see the ‘Clown’, red.). The first two have been so fun, and we also love to follow in the series. It was natural, and I thought it was a good idea, he said further.

even Though they have known each other for many years, have they not sign with their relationship publicly. Photo: Jonas Olufson

– How can it be, that it is only now, In the comes on the red carpet together, when you have been in a relationship for so long?

– We cultivate it, not so much. We don’t live in Copenhagen. We have children and delebørn, so that is also busy there. But now it should be said Nicolas Kiesa.

– Grandmother could take my son today. So now it should be, added Amanda, who also could tell that she is 27 years old and works as a hairdresser in Køge.

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– How the met each other in his time?

– I was eventpige the time, said Amanda, while Nicolas Kiesa added:

And I exhibited cars, so it was perfect. It was to bilarrangementer, that we learned to know each other. And Amanda’s stepfather fiddling too much with the cars, then the road, I knew also a little to my future father-in-law.

Nicolas Kiesa has previously formed pairs with Mascha Vang, as he has a daughter, Hollie Nolia with.

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