the Finnish government on Monday and decided to try to help Finnish children home from camps in north-eastern Syria.

It appears a press release from the Finnish government.

– the Government’s starting point is that we need to help the children. You have no obligation to help the adults, who have gone voluntarily to the territory, communicate to the government.

Finland’s new prime minister, Sanna Marin, adding at a press conference that the government will have the children home ‘as soon as possible’, writes the news agency Reuters.

In the infamous al-Hol camp in Syria is believed to be around 30 Finnish children of parents who have joined the Islamic State (IS), writes the Swedish internet newspaper Expressen.

the Question of what one must put up with the children’s mom, has created division among the five parties that constitute the Finnish governing coalition.

the centre party are opposed to letting the ICE-the women come back to Finland, but the party is prepared to help the children.

In an attempt to resolve differences of opinion in the coalition, the government has decided to deal with the cases one by one, says Sanna Marin.

– the Goal of the actions of the authorities is to safeguard the interests of children, ” she says, and opens according to Reuters, a door ajar for some of the mothers can get back together with their children.

The kurdish forces in Syria, who control the area where the al-Hol camp is situated, is against separating the kids from their mom, writes Reuters.