– Oh, it’s absolutely amazing.

the 60-year-old Bo Ellegaard from Odense still has a hard time getting my arms down, while he is telling about a fantastic Gasolin’-fund:

11 completely unknown cassette tape, where the old ‘Gases’ fire the of on recordings from 1976 to 1977. There is also plenty of footage from the rehearsal room, where the Gasolin’ Kim Larsen in front rattling loose on the best show.

– The technical quality is absolutely top notch, the sounds from Bo Ellegaard, the driver of the record-business Record Pusher in the Danish capital.

in Fact is the quality has been significantly improved, after that the sound has been digitized.

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Bo Ellegaard shows the old cassette tape, which contains footage with the Danish legends. The tapes were reportedly used to promote the band in connection with their trip to the UNITED states. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen

‘Gasolin’,’ it is written with a pen on one of the kassettebåndene. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen

There are both recordings and recordings from øvelokaet on the unique recordings. Even the iconic fight between Kim Larsen and Franz Beckerlee should be documented on some of the recordings. Picture: Lars Hansen

– There is lots of gold on the bands. Among others, one can hear how, in particular, Kim Larsen and guitarist Franz Beckerlee stands and bites of each other on the stage, when they turn the head away from the microphones. It is not bad talk. But phrases such as ‘you was not nice yesterday’.

One should here think of the band’s members at that time were always together 24 hours a day. So that was when the irritations and conflicts along the way. You also get a clear impression that Søren Berlev is trying to hold together the band and pour in oil upon the waters, ” says Bo Ellegaard.

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Gasolin’ at the Roskilde Festival in 1971

The 11 cassette tapes were bought last year on an Internet-auction in the UNITED states. Bo Ellegaard had not even afford to buy the tapes, so he allies himself with two friends who also are big, Gasolin’fans.

– We got the bands for 30.800 crowns. There was one or another, which was to bid over. So the price smoke the up and up. But we won, laughing Bo Ellegaard.

Bo Ellegaard says to Ekstra Bladet that the cassette and the tapes ended up in the UNITED states, as the band’s american manager should use them in connection with the promotion of Gasolin’ on the other side of the pond.

– there is Some evidence, however, that the manager never listened to the bands. Otherwise it’s only happened a few times, think Bo Ellegaard.

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The new holders of the kassettebåndene did not dare to have them sent by post. Therefore, they were conveyed to a family member in the UNITED states, which later brought them to Denmark by plane. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen

Nor do the three Danish friends had the opportunity to hear the tapes before they bought them. And in fact, there is gone half a year, before they have been able to enjoy their purchase.

– We dare not get the tapes sent in the mail. So they were delivered with a relative in the UNITED states who have had home with them to Denmark.

now, The big question is now, what needs to be done with the musical and historical gold mine.

– We see the like that the bands are being released. But Sony has the rights, so we don’t even publish the music. Gasolin’s members have previously said that they do not want more released from Gasolin’-time. But maybe they can see that this here is something totally unique? The bands steeped in the of the good, old Gasolin’-mood. There is an energy without equal, ” says Bo Ellegaard.

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Gasolin’s press conference in the occasion of the new film about the band “If you dare – then come with me”.

Although the 60-year-old man has always been incarnated Gasolin’-fan.

– I was 13 years old, when I went to their first concert, and I also made a fan club for the band. My record store is only a hundred metres from Kim Larsen’s old apartment.

We talked occasionally when we bumped into each other at his favorite bar. But music bought he never, in my store, says Jacques, who now has bought Kim Larsen and Gasolin’songs instead.