Håndboldkvinderne is despite 19-22-the defeat to Norway has not yet definitively out of the picture for a place in the medaljekampene at the WORLD cup.

Chances are however microscopic, and it seems to close to unrealistic, to Denmark in the last two rounds can move up on one of the first two places in the mellemrundepuljen.

But it can be done, if Denmark gets a lot of help.

First of all, Denmark must even defeat both the Netherlands and Serbia, which in itself can be hard enough.

in Addition to Norway lose to both south Korea and Germany, and it is also not immediately to højrebenet.

And then the Netherlands and south Korea just finish by playing a tie with each other.

Much to bottle up, if Denmark is to to the semifinals. Photo: BO AMSTRUP/Ritzau Scanpix

In such a case Germany will win the pot, while Denmark, the Netherlands and south Korea all ending in five points. Denmark will be the best of the three teams between themselves accountable, and thus to snatch second place.

however, It is so far-fetched, that not even the national coach Klavs Bruun Jørgensen believe in it.

– We can see that a semi-final is extremely difficult to achieve because the maximum we can get five points. I can’t remember when it has been enough, he says.

It does not mean, however, that Denmark’s last two matches are of no importance. Denmark is playing to secure a place in the OLYMPIC qualifier in the spring.

A VM placement among the seven best keeps OLYMPIC hope alive.

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