the 22-year-old Viilbjørk Malling Agger is currently current in the TV2 christmas calendar ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’, where she has her big debut as an actor.

Viilbjørk thereby of his parents, Søren Malling, and the Petrine Aggers, footsteps, and there is no doubt that she certainly is glad to have had the opportunity.

– I was called by a caster and asked if I would come to the casting. I did so, where the instructor and casteren was present. Two weeks later I got a call where I was told that I had got the role. It was a very classic way to get a role on, tell the Falcons to TV2.

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Viilbjørk as Falke in advance. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV 2

She lifts the also unveiled that it required hard training to be ready for the role:

– I trained archery Lars Andersen, who is the world’s fastest archer, both before and during the recordings. It was extremely challenging, because you really have to have tough skin on my fingers. And it was winter and thus extra hard for your fingers. I went home and practiced the movement to take an arrow, lay it on the bow and shoot without having the bow and arrow. And some times we had to stop the workout because my fingers bled, she says and reveals that it certainly was a cold pleasure to record in the winter.

– It was difficult to keep warm. We had something electrical varmetøj under the costumes, but I am very kuldskær. We have the same clothes on every day, so I was really glad that I had a thick sweater on as my costume. In turn, it was so warmer weather, and so hated, I really have the thick sweater on. But our costumes are amazing. It has taken three weeks to make Falkes jacket, she says.

‘Tinka and Kongespillet’ will be sent every evening at 20.00 TV2 and TV2 Play. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

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While it is Viilbjørk himself, who shoots with bow and arrow in advance, she says, that it is not real, when she jumps out from the tower.

I thought for a long time, that I had to jump right out from the tower. Maybe with some braces. But it should I’m fortunately not, when I saw how high the tower was. We made some recordings at the tower, where I’m jumping. And then the footage put together with some other footage from a studio, where I was hoisted four-five metres up in the air and landed on a mattress, she explains and tells what was the hardest part for her during the filming:

– It was to keep a straight face and not laugh, when you were overtired on long optagedage. In particular, there is a scene that has not been sent yet, where Grot and Birch made it really difficult for Tinka and me to keep the mask.

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