Agree the Formula 1 teams?

It sounds like an April fool’s in december, but nevertheless, it was the outcome, since the teams voted on which tires should be used for the 2020 season. And it was not them, as the deck supplier immediately had plans.

the Decision to continue with the already criticized 2019-tires and scrap 2020-the tires were unanimous from the ten teams, communicate to the international motorsportsforbund, the FIA.

– the FIA would like to thank both Pirelli and the teams for their work and cooperation to improve the tires to the 2020 season and onwards. In any event, the learned lesson will be invaluable for the future development of tyres, writes the associated.

Pirelli designed the prototype to 2020, with a target to reduce the tire wear, make it functional in a wider temperature range and cause it to resist overheating in the dirty air behind another car.

the Riders got the first taste during fredagstræningen in October in the UNITED states, and they might not like what they were served. The two-day test, which followed the sæsonfinalen in Abu Dhabi allocated all the teams to the test by 2020-the tires.

No one cared about the outcome …

Its technical manager Mario Isola talks tyres with his fellow countryman Haas team boss Günther Steiner. Photo: Jan Sommer

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GPDA-shop steward Romain Grosjean belonged to the earlier critics after the first testdag. In his briefing, he would not choose between the 2019 and 2020-the prototype.

– It is too early to say. But it should not be an issue, right?

After a year of development, I would like to be able to say that I without a doubt preferred to run the race in the 2020 covered, said the frenchman, and, between the lines, also, why the vote turned out as it did.

Ferrari and Red Bull led earlier in the season in an attempt to scrap 2019-the tires for the benefit of the 2018 edition. The accusation was that they were temperature sensitive; for example, under qualification can warm-up lap have a greater impact than the real experiments.

With this decision, the teams at least data on how these tyres behave under different conditions instead of time to start with a clean slate.

From 2021, there comes with warranty a switch, when the Formula 1 car mounted 18-inch tires.

Formula 1 – 5. dec. 2019 – at. 11:00 – Not what you would dream about

the pit-stop equipment is the same … Photo: Jan Sommer

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