Danish consumers may have a little more credence to the case of online stores, than what good is. This is the sound of the warning from the Consumer council Think and the Danish business in the middle of the christmas shopping season.

the Danish Occupation have been Norstat to examine Danish consumers ‘ relationship to act in the online stores.

Here it is shown, among other things, that 61 percent of consumers believe that as long as your account is in Danish, so one can expect that the goods live up to the Danish rules and laws.

Even though it is legally correct, all the indications are that it is too rosy a picture, when it comes to online stores outside of Europe, sounds from the two organisations.

– It is probably a tad too optimistic, unfortunately, says Danish Corporate marketing director for commerce, Lone Rasmussen.

– For it is not always a Danish online shop that hides behind a Danish website. You have to have as a consumer to be critical.

A website needs to actually follow the law in the area in which the target against. Why should foreign online shops, which has a Danish website, meet the Danish requirements for the goods.

the two organizations, however, collected over 30 examples of, that they do not. It can be, for example, that products contain substances that are prohibited in Denmark.

As an example, DR in the past, found the toys in the top Wish, which contained the endocrine disrupting substances, which can give children a low sperm count and malformed genitals.

the Consumer council Think discourage, according to deputy director Vagn Jels√łe to buy certain goods on the net if you are not sure that the producer is from EU countries and thus subject to EU legislation.

– Keep you from the toys. It is about sharp things and small parts. Stay away from electronics. It can catch fire or be unsafe in any other way, he says.

And cosmetics. Because when there is the chemistry of things, so it is particularly sensitive when it outright is something that we put on our skin.