the Goal of the comprehensive rule changes from 2021, and the establishment of a budget ceiling is among other things to reduce the cost and make it easier for the Formula 1 teams to operate the business.

Next year, the risk for the opposite to happen, warns Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner.

The allowable time in the wind tunnel, combined with the restrictions in the CFD computer simulations are NOT enough to keep the top teams back. In order to maintain their lead, they come to exploit, to budgetloftet not enter into force for another year.

– You have unlimited and unaccountable amounts of money you can spend on research and development of other areas. I stand by what I said earlier. It would have been better to have introduced budgetloftet first and then the rules a year later, so it had limited what could be used, says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, according to Autosport.

– the Next year looks to be our most expensive ever in Formula 1.

now Already is it in the Red Bull in full swing with the development of the 2021-the car and may very well end up with to operate next year with two separate designgrupper.

Christian Horner was an advocate of, that you have postponed the technical regulations, until after the budgetloftet was introduced. Photo: MARK THOMPSON/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

In small teams as Haas gets the 2020 is also a big challenge.

They are beginning to look at 2021-rules, but do not have the option for increasing budgets in the same manner as fabriksholdene. How 2020-the car comes from the land will determine how many forces the throws after the development of the, and when you 100% change to 2021.

team boss G√ľnther Steiner makes no expectations of being able to reduce the gap to Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, when the new rules come into force.

– They will still have a big advantage. Next year there is no budget ceiling, so that they can invest a lot of money in 2021-the cars, as we do not have, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

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Steiner had hoped for a budget ceiling in the range of 100-120 million dollars. Instead it was 175 million, where heavy items such as marketing and the utmost wages for drivers, and top managers have not been recognised.

– We should have had a lower budget ceiling, so the crucial will be how effective you are with the money you have available. It is my opinion. If you have the money in Formula 1, you can always use them, he says.

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