If you want to have your fingers in a pack of Marlboro Gold cigarettes, you can well count on having to throw about 224 dollars for it, if you live in Australia.

the Prices on cigarettes is increased to 12.5 percent in the country, among others, the Daily Mail reported.

on average, a package cost about 230 dollars, the equivalent of 50 australian dollars, while the cheapest package will be acquired for in the region of small 134 crowns.

A somewhat different price range than the Danish, where an average pack of cigarettes cost 40 kroner, according to the Cancer society.

the price increase is due to the australian government’s attempts to reduce the consumption of tobacco among the australian population.

A trial that started back in 2009, when prices were raised by 25 percent. Each subsequent year, they have been raised by a further 12.5 per cent.

Experts, however, expresses a degree of skepticism, since, according to them will go beyond the already addicted and just want to stimulate the black market even more.

The more patient smoking releases the however, not to have to grab deeper in the pockets. The price for a bag of tobacco, you even have to scroll to the cigarettes, are to increase by the same percentage.

Although the idea is to reduce the number of smokers in the country, it is not certain that the method has the desired effect anymore.

It assesses dr Colin Mendelsohn from the University of New South Wales.

– Traditionally, it wont reduce the smoking, when you raise the tax on it, he says to the Daily Mail.

– But when you get to this level, where the dependent can’t get outside to smoke, then there is just not the same effect anymore. You punish just the dependent and stimulate the black market, assess Mendelsohn.

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