France is done by kralbet EM. It is clear, after håndboldstormagten on Sunday lost 28-26 to Norway and thus no longer can reach mellemrunden.

A very rare result, as France at every finals they have participated in since the WORLD cup 1978 in Denmark, has managed to qualify from the initial pool.

the pressure on The circumstances, due to a new structure in the year in which 24 teams participate, and is distributed in six groups with four teams in each. Therefore, only two nations progress from each group.

Earlier on Sunday brought Portugal its second victory, since Bosnia-Herzegovina were beaten 27-24, after the Portuguese on Friday surprisingly had beaten France.

France is not currently in possession of one of the big titles, but the nation has the last 20 years, won the WORLD cup five times, european championships three times and the OLYMPICS twice.

In France leave the tournament, that team must first play a match against Bosnia-Herzegovina, which also has zero points, while Norway meets Portugal in its last group match, which is about how many points the teams take on.

Sander Sagosen appeared again as the Norwegian star, and the French could not rein in him. Sagosen scored ten times, and he is now EM’s top scorer with 22 goals in two matches.

At France’s Ludovic Fabregas profile on the day with eight goals.

Sagosen was in hoopla from the start and scored two of the Norwegian goal, when Norway initiated the showdown with a 3-1 lead. In front 7-4 closed the norwegians, however, France left in a close half, and with seven minutes again, the post had 10-10.

the 35-year-old Luc Abalo brought France ahead 12-11, and France were ahead 15-14 at the break.

France came to the front with three goals after a Norwegian expulsion of two minutes, but Norway came back outnumbered, and it looked to be close all the way.

in Front 23-22 rose Sagosen into the air and hammered Norway in front with two goals, but a Norwegian lead at 26-23 were 26-25 in a true drama, but Sagosen made for a lead of three goals, and it managed France not to download.

In group F, lost to Sweden, 19-21 to Slovenia, which tops the group with four points ahead of Sweden and Switzerland, each with two. Austria beat Ukraine in the group B and tops its group with four points.

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