It has gone completely awry for Delonte West.

The former basketball player has earned 108 million in regular salary from his NBA contracts, but he now lives on the street without a penny in your pocket.

A clip of the former top player has gone viral, and here you see it put it mildly-not good for the 36-year-old West. A fight in the vicinity of Washington DC was filmed and spread.

According to the police told the witnesses, that the ex-star had started a brawl with another man by beating him with a glass bottle. Then he got the even bank. The two should have knowledge of each other, but their relationship is still unclear.

His former agent, Aaron Goodwin, has confirmed that it is West in the video.

the Policeman who recorded the video and possibly shared it, is in fact currently been suspended, tells CBS.

West left the NBA in 2012 and played in the bl.a. in China until the karrierestopept in 2015. Photo: Charles Krupa/Ritzau Scanpix

Many current NBA profiles have expressed their sympathy and sought help from the league. TMZ says that the NBA has extended the hand out to the West and his family.

The former agent says that the West has the help around him, but it is not enough after his assessment. The player suffers from a bipolar disorder, as he has struggled through a long period of time.

During his career, attempted the West to support his family financially, but even came early in the muddle. In 2010, he was divorced from his wife Caressa Madden, with whom he had two children with, and since it went totally wrong.

In 2016, came the first reports that he lived a life as a homeless person, but at the time, he argued that it was not the case.

Delonte West went on to play for four NBA clubs, including the Cleveland Cavaliers where he played with one of history’s greatest players, Lebron James.

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