It was a repentant Christian Degn, who a few weeks ago spoke with Extra Magazine, after he had given one of his ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’-participants a piece of advice that ended up having to send the person completely out of the program.

the Participant had used the new lifeline ‘Ask the host’, which here lets Christian Degn give its views on which of the four possible answers is the correct one. The 40-year-old quizkonges David Bowie-repertoire turned out not to be quite as strong as he thought.

he has since, however, in the degree got a rematch. Three times in a row, he has helped the participants further in the competition because he has the answer right on the questions about everything from trigonometry to Johann Gutenberg and søhelten Tordenskiold.

En Ekstra Bladet asks Christian Degn, how it feels to get back on the horse, he is ready at least:

– Relief, relief, relief, he says.

– In the world of football has an expression that says: ‘One is not better than his last battle’, so right now it goes very well, and I would like to reveal that it will be even better later, he continues.

Tobias was stuck on a question about what søhelten De birth name was. Fortunately, Degn answer: Peter Wessel. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

Danish celebrity – 19. jan. 2020 – pm. 07:35 Known TV2-host has had enough: Ask about something else

even Though Christian Degn is back full blast, have brøleren still left its traces on the popular host.

– It did a recognition of the fact that it is actually quite a lot of money, we play on. Therefore, it is the earnest, it is not like to sit at the board game at home, he says.

– It reminded me a little of when I was fodboldmålmand, and some times could get to fumble with the ball. It is not so much else to do than as soon as possible to get into the goal and get rescued a couple of new balls.

– It is a brilliant move by those who have invented the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, that they have made the further development and put the host in the game on the way. In England, it is Jeremy Clarkson from ‘Top Gear’, who is the host, and he is also sent to the count a few times.

Amalie from Aarhus got the help of the host to find out what invention to connect with Johann Gutenberg. The answer is: Bogtrykkerkunsten. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

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‘Ask the host’ also provides Christian Degn sweat on the forehead, when the lifeline is not in use. The chance of suddenly being required to show his mind keeps him on his toes.

– It provides a completely different excitement in my job, because every single time, there comes a question, I sit and think: ‘Oh, what do you like to ask me about’ or ‘no, no, no, you just call a friend or ask the audience’, he says.

– It’s the worst, when they say: ‘Now I would just like to have the help of you’, and I sit and think ‘neeej’. The wild is, of course, also, that I must formulate the right card, as you only have 25 seconds, when calling to a friend. I have a little more time, but it is just about to get executed a reply with the same.

‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ can be seen every Sunday at 20.50 on TV2 Charlie, or right now on TV2 PLAY.

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