Extra Magazine’s predictions

the V5-1: 3-8-1-6
V5-2: 3-2
V5-3: 2-9-8
V5-4: 5 (4-7)
V5-5: 5-6-10
72 dollars

V4 – Crash at. 16.43
V4-1: 2-9-8
V4-2: 5 (4-7)
V4-3: 5-6-10
V4-4: 6-3-5-4
72 dollars

Today’s scam: Womanizer (8 V5-3/V4-1) seems to be better and better at the moment, so if the two favorites fail, I think the surprise here.

Today’s ensure: Frances Yoda (5 in V5-4/V4-2) has shown fine performance in recent starts and is my best bet for a safe in this place. Have you advice, I think, however, that the two reserveheste be on bonnen also.

Tips: Mogens Jensen

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Friday dynamite. Derby25 warrant a half a million dollars, if you are the only one that hits the right horses in either V4 or V5.

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