It should have been a festive event, as last year in the days around the ascension of Christ was held on cycling on the roads at Odder in eastern Jutland.

But a fatal accident, where the 18-year-old cyclist Andreas Byskov Sarbo was påkørt and killed, threw dark shadows over the course.

It was a 28-year-old woman, who led the car, and the Court in Aarhus are now dealing with the legal aftermath.

There is a new in the case of Andreas Byskov Sarbo. Photo: PRIVATE

the Woman is charged with negligent manslaughter and for a breach of the road traffic act to have shown a lack of vigilance.

the Woman, who lives in the local area, swerved while driving down a road where the left turn was temporary banned because of cycling.

Subsequently collided with the car head-on with a cyclist.

But the woman claims that she saw a sign with a prohibition to swing to the left.

And the two guards that were posted, made according to the woman, not anskrig, as she still swung.

– I’m not seeing any signs. I see two guards, before I turn. I have eye contact with one of them, but there aren’t any, which makes the gestures, or the like.

– I have not known I have done something wrong, says the woman, who did not have any alcohol or drugs in the blood, when the accident happened.

One of the guards has a different interpretation of the incident.

He explains that the car gassede up and cut the corner of the intersection. He shouted and waved his arms, but without effect.

I’m thinking: Hold up. I hope not, here it goes wrong, explains the guard.

Before the accident had the guards refused several drivers who were heading in the same direction.

They were angry, but accepted it and ran another way, says the guard.

Courtroom 10 is filled with relatives, families and friends of both the accused and the young man who was killed.

If the woman is found guilty, goes to the prosecutor for a prison sentence.

the Prosecutor will also have the woman banned from driving.

It remains to be seen, when the fall judgment in the case.

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