UFC show in Paradise, Nevada, on the night of Sunday lived truly up to all of the martial arts greatest clichés.

There was plenty of bad blood, and there was even no way for neither the controversial WORLD cup-contender Colby Cavington, or nigerian-american Kamaru Usman, who managed to defend his welterweight world championship.

It also came to be about more than that, for the thinly veiled political undertones were a big part of both the initial and subsequent ‘trash-talk’ from slagsbrødrene.

Colby Covington was on the one hand, as a dedicated republican patriot and Trump mascot, who can often spot wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’-cap and not had much positive to say about Usmans creator.

Usman stood on the other side, and declared that his victory would be ‘for the whole world and particularly for the people of Brazil, as Covington after an away match in the country had called for ‘dirty animals’, which ‘sucks’.

Before the bloody battle took place in the ring, had also been dealt plenty of tough words from both sides. Customary in the field of sport, but perhaps a bit rougher than usual in this case.

– I think never in the sport’s history, almost just in all the martial arts history that someone has been so universally hated as him here. I have been in five-six countries over the last few months, and I can’t count how many that has come to me and said: I can’t wait to see you slay him, said Usman about his upcoming opponent.

An opponent, who also have shared the waters of the fanatical statements of support for president Donald Trump and just slightly xenophobic svadaer against, among other things, as mentioned above, the inhabitants of the south american nation of Brazil, a place Covington also got called ‘a garbage-can.’

His kind of a psychological boxing match was just so gross. He accused, among other things Usman to be responsible in the nigerian-american former træners cardiac arrest and was mocking proclaimed that the former coach probably ‘as with from Hell.’ At the same time, he beat on the patriotic strings and got sent a verbal jab for the entire Usmans family, while he flashede a sea of Trump merchandise for an introductory press conference.

– There is nothing more american in him than me. Let’s be honest, my family has served in the US military. They have soft for the red, white and blue flag. The only thing his family has done, is to serve time in state prison, said Covington.

It ended in what was described as one of the year’s best fights between two fighters that both are feared for their brydeegenskaber. There was, however, not spent a lot of time on the floor as both Usman and Covington had obviously as a tactic to take the fight upright and let the fists talk. It ended also with a knockout in the fifth round, after lots of heavy duty hooks had been exchanged between the two almost from the start, and Cavington even had a broken jaw in the third round.

the Prospect of a month’s suppekost, however, was not enough to stop the Covington, who continued the fight in a very even fourth round before the fight was eventually stopped, as the Trump-the favorite ended up rooting around on the floor twice in the last round. According to the Sporting News’ count distinct just two points the two boxers at the post 39-37 in Covingtons favor in the moment, the fight was finished 4 minutes and 10 seconds into the last round.

Here was the Covington sent for the count, but stood up with shaking legs and a completely bruised face and continued to swing venstrenæven after Usman. It succeeded, however, not to get at him, and Covington was the ultimate sleeping pill in the form of a højrenæve not many seconds after.

Usman lay then on top of Covington and was hitting loose on the pressed patriot who attempted in vain to fight against the Usmans body weight, before the referee stopped the fight, and Usman cheering could jump up on the edge of the network and out to the audience with their arms in the air.

Colby Covington ran swiftly with his team out of the arena, probably in the direction against the hospital, while Usmans victory was cemented by the resounding voice from the announcer. The victor did not hesitate to beat out on the whole since blade.

– This victory was not only for me. It was for the whole world, he said.

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