It was a good mix of hard work and a great experience, as Martine Ølbye Hjejle seven years ago played the title role of Sus in the DR christmas calendar ‘christmas stars’, which will be rebroadcast in the year.

How to remember the now 21-year-old woman the time of filming Wikke and Rasmussen’s narrative in 25 sections from the Brorfelde and the surrounding area.

– the Filming lasted six years. And many of the days it was from six o’clock in the morning, remember Martine Ølbye Hjejle.

Martine Ølbye Hjejle is becoming increasingly recognized as Sus.

She was 13 years old and went in 8. class, when the society was in the box, and although in the age of the beginning that pointed to with grades and exams, then gave her teacher is ready the green light, that she should pursue her dream.

– It was ok. Just I was minding my lessons, laughs actor-times, who used the breaks between the recordings together with børnepasserne on set to get followed up on the curriculum of the school.

Perhaps did I miss some things, but not something that I have been able to notice. In turn, I learned a lot. I remember it as a really bold time – but also tough.

There was someone who was dependent on a. You had to deliver a piece of work. But it was a pleasure. Wikke and Rasmussen just something that no one else can, she says.

When she a walk in between was back at his high school, noticing she only backing and support from his classmates, who got small roles as extras in ‘Poinsettias’.

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Altogether it was not quite as Martine Ølbye Hjejle had his first role in a tv series.

– When I played with in the DR-series ‘Luck’, it was a little harder. It was in the younger classes, and I was able to I may well get a comment, if there was someone who was envious. But it was not something that filled something for me. It was before social media, and I am glad of, she says.

Martine Ølbye Hjejle has not given up the dream of becoming an actress. For January, she seeks for a third time into Skuespilskolen.

I have always been interested in me for film and acting, but it is a tough business. You have to really fight for it. Therefore, I’ve put it slightly on the shelf and is gone in time with a different training. But I come in, grabs the I the chance, says Martine Ølbye Hjejle and tells that only comes around 21 into the school year. Up to 1000 trying to get through the eye of the needle.

Martine Ølbye Hjejle dream roles in a Sci-fi film or a thriller. – Would like something more challenging than just a teenage girl, which I often played, ” she says. Private
– Right now I am studying to become a teacher on the Campus Carlsberg. In the longer term I would like to read pedagogy at the university, but first I have some experience as a teacher. I would like to work with people – like with the young people.

– I know it sounds quite cliche-ish, but it is Denmark’s future, it is all about. I think it is important that children have the same opportunities for formation and education. It I am very passionate about, she says.

whether it be a trained teacher or actor, who first comes to stand on Martine Ølbye Hjejles cv, so she feels not that the other stuff is wasted.

Theatre and teacher training go hand-in-hand for me. It is there to fill a room and make things interesting is the same. I’m not afraid to stand up in front of many people, and it must be in both places, she says.

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Slyngveninde with the new advent calendar-star

There is a stone on the advent calendar-streaming, at the home of Martine Ølbye Hjejle in the year.

Together with his girlfriend, she looks ‘Poinsettias’ with himself in the starring role, for he has never seen the 25 section before.

– I have suffered difficult to look at myself, but he seems, I’m piss good. Of course, she says with a smile.

in Addition, see Martine Ølbye Hjejle ‘Tinka and kongespillet’, where one of her really good friends to play with.

– Viilbjørk, who play the Falcons in advance, and I are girlfriends. And then we have the same cousin and cousin, she says.

the 22-year-old Viilbjørk Malling Agger is the daughter of actors Søren Malling and the Petrine Agger.

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Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2


Martine Ølbye Hjejle on:

He is mega fun and a great team player. He really helped me on the way. Rasmus is a wonderful, wonderful man.

Martine Ølbye Hjejle with her tv parents, Rasmus Bjerg and Szhirley. Photo: DR
She is the world’s largest energibombe. I can remember that it was nice to talk with her during the filming – how to girl to girl. She was a good extra mother, who I looked up to. I think she is awesome and very caring.

We had many scenes together. I have always thought that she was a fantastic actress.

Birthe Neumann goes for the gold in the hill in the ‘Poinsettias’. Photo: DR

I had seen quite a lot of Danish movies with him, I was a little starstruck when I met him. He is too bold. Super cute and good to work with.

Mike Lyda is constantly on the arse in the ‘Poinsettias’. Photo: DR

She is so cute. I knew her a little in advance through mutual friends. She is so talented and beautiful.

Photo credit: Jonas Olufson


the Name is not lying: In the family with Iben

the Talent for acting is possibly Martine Ølbye Hjejles genes. In any case, she is in the family with one of Denmark’s major stars.

– Iben Hjejle is my mother’s cousin, she says.

According to Martine Ølbye Hjejle has familierelationen not meant for her entry to the acting world.

– No, she has not paved the way or something. But it is always interesting to get inspiration from others who have the same interest, she says.

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Photo: Stine Tidsvilde
Martine Ølbye Hjejle stresses that it is also worth keeping an eye on Anton Hjejle, who among other things played the lead role in the DR-series ‘Liberty’.

Anton is awesome. He’s going to make big wild things, assess Martine Ølbye Hjejle.

Anton Hjejles father is the cousin of Iben Hjejle.


the Blue book

Martine Ølbye Hjejle

21 years

Live in Copenhagen

Have played with in ‘Happiness’, ‘Poinsettias’ and ‘Crumbs’

Has given voice to Isabella from ‘Phineas and Ferb’ and characters in ‘Peppa Pig’-the universe.