The Russian trikolore do not wave the ensign at the sporting venues. Russian government representatives shall not be present at major events. Russia don’t bid on international sporting events, and as a starting point to already allocated major being deprived of the country.

Prestigetabet for president Vladimir Putin is huge, and outweighs the to the full that Russian athletes despite the exclusion of one of the idrætsverdenens major powers have access to to participate by, for example, the OLYMPICS.

– We are happy that you landed a harsh penalty to the russians, ” says Mølholm to Ekstra Bladet. Photo: Philip Davali/POLFOTO

It concludes Morten Mølholm, managing director of the Sports Confederation of Denmark, after the world anti-doping agency WADA’s exclusion of Russia from major international sporting events in four years.

the ban comes after the detection of Russia’s state-run dopingprogram and the subsequent obscuring of facts by means of systematic data manipulation.

– We are happy that you landed a harsh penalty to the russians, ” says Mølholm to Ekstra Bladet.

– In the decision is that the Russian athletes individually can participate in for example the OLYMPICS, if they can prove that they are ‘clean’, but the framework of Russia as a nation, and it is a very serious prestigetab for Russia.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin suffers from a severe prestigetab, when Russia in four years are excluded from that nation to participate in major international sporting events such as the OLYMPICS. Photo: Alexander Nemenov / Ritzau Scanpix.

– We can discuss whether you should have hit all the way around – also the Russian athletes, without exception – but we can fine live with, that one takes into account the fact that there can be Russian athletes, who can be without fault, and that they then have the opportunity to participate.

The most important thing is the signal it sends to Russia, as a nation, for it is the hovedskyldig, when talking about the state-controlled doping, says Morten Mølholm.

– You may well also fear that the crackdown is counterproductive, if the exclusion is not being carried out and the leaves antidopingsystemet as the big loser?

– All sports federations and all countries given WADA the power to make this decision, so we must assume that all is behind, says Morten Mølholm.

– There can be much politics in here, but seen from our point of view it is here a pure idrætslig case, where there are some who have violated a set of rules that we all agreed to fight doping and to obtain a fair competition.

– When you have cheated so violently, as is the case here – and we have never previously seen something similar to what Russia has done – then you have to beat down hard. Does not do it, then you end up in anarchy, says Morten Mølholm.

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