There is genuine autumn weather in store the coming week.

this is the sound of the forecast from Mette Wagner, who is on duty meteorologist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), early Monday morning.

Overall, offers a week of lots of rain and daytime temperatures between five and eight degrees. And most nights there will be a risk of night frost.

– the Week has really unstable autumn weather with clouds, rain and everything good from this autumn’s hand, says Mette Wagner.

Monday starts out with a section bursts over the country, which seems to diminish in the course of the morning.

On the islands of Zealand and Funen, there is the possibility for a bit of sun during the afternoon.

on Tuesday, moving a frontsystem into the country. With it brings lots of clouds, rain and wind.

Tuesday will be one of those days that just need to get over with, says the weatherman.

– It will be a quite windy day with smooth to hard wind and on the coasts, up to gale force winds.

Wednesday will be a day marked by rain in most places in the country. Especially for bornholmerne and the state of hawaii.

Thursday sees, according to DMI’s forecasting out to be a stay in the rain and bygerne.

– Thursday seems to be the week’s best day, if you would like to have a little look to the sun, says Mette Wagner.

– It will be the day when there is greatest opportunity for sun, and that looks only out to get each of the bursts.

towards the weekend, there appears to be more unstable weather in the wait, while the temperatures may rise a bit.

But there is some uncertainty associated with the forecasts so many days forward, stresses the weatherman.

you Will also know what the weather will be the next three weeks, so see here.