There is no doubt that it is a very sweet dog, when you look at the light brown cockerspaniel Winnie from England.

The long-eared creature has taken everyone by storm, and it is a very special reason.

the Dog is equipped with some absolutely wild-eyed, that gets more users on the social media to argue that there is nothing less than a true Disney dog.

Over 259.000 people follow only three months old puppy on Instagram, where the owners put cute pictures up of the soft doggie.

To Winnie is equipped with just the right kind of eyes have made her incredibly popular in such a short time.

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Play timeeeee for me! I LOVE my toys

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the Eyes are beautiful almond shaped with long eyelashes that most women would give their right arm to possess.

Between the many followers have Winnie also secured kendissernes attention.

Singer Rita Ora recently shared a picture of the dog on Instagram, where she gives the great compliments.

however, There are also some users on the social media, who think that the dog looks FOR the good.

‘Is this dog at all really? It looks like a character from Disney’s.

‘Hold up. It looks like the eyes from the Disney’, writes another.

And the great popularity has already meant that Winnie has obtained agreements to promote more products.

Winnie says the owners to Mirror:

– Overall,, Winnie fun and loving, but she is also quite fresh, and she think that she owns the entire site’, it sounds.

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What’s your favourite season? I love me some leafys

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