the Extra Leaf is some løgnemagere, which is likely to have fabricated the fake invoice in the case of the Danish people’s Party and the misuse of EU money, where nothing is to come after.

Approximately how can you summarize an op-ed in the Newspaper of Denmark by the Danish people’s party, Hans K. Sonderby, which sits in the city council in the Municipality of Esbjerg for the party.

‘I have at least 100 times more confidence in the purity of my party’s leadership, and with Morten Messerschmidt, than I have for the objectivity of the venstresnoede journalists in the DR and løgnemagerne at Dawn’, writes Hans K. Sonderby in debatindlægget.

the DF’s do not believe to have committed any criminal offence in the case, and thus he has already said more than DF-president Kristian Thulesen Dahl.

the Danish policy – 10. dec. 2019 – at. 18:02 Parrot-Tulle claps on the false invoice

the Danish people’s party chairman, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, still refuses to give the Extra Magazine and the general public insight in what his knowledge has been, inter alia, his closest employee’s false signatures on the hotelkontrakter as well as a fabricated invoice for up to half a million dollars.

Just the fake invoice can be crafted at Ekstra Bladet, believe DF’eren from Esbjerg.

‘I consider it far more likely that the latest fake invoice on the of 350,000 crowns are crafted at Dawn or at other political opponents than in DF’, writes Hans K. Sonderby.

Therefore, the called Extra Leaf up to DF’eren to hear, the lies that are written in the case.

– I would like to hear what it is for some lies, as we write on the Extra Leaf? You write, of course, that we are some løgnemagere.

– It I do not write. I’m writing, that it is my opinion.

– No, you write it as a fact, that we are løgnemagere with Extra Magazine.

– I am writing it, as is my view, and it is that you will find on the story.

– So it is your opinion that we write lies.

– How are you come into possession of what I wrote. I have not posted anything to Ekstra Bladet.

– No, I have read your op-ed, which is everywhere on the internet, for example.

– I don’t have any comment beyond that, as I wrote.

– Do you, as a politician, well just say someone is lying without having evidence for it?

– I write what is my opinion.

– No, you write it as a fact, but how when you forward to it?

– I say, it is my opinion, and I don’t bother to comment on it further.

– You do not write anywhere that it is your opinion.

– We will stop here.

– It is too bad, because I also want to ask for the fake invoice, which you believe, that we probably have crafted on EB.

His K. Sonderby put on.

Added the Magazine’s editor-in-chief Poul Madsen rejects DF’erens accusations, and believe there is talk about a red herring.

’It is almost comical to see His K. Sønderbys hopeless attempt to distract the public from what this case is about’, writes Poul Madsen.

‘the EU’s control unit Olaf has transmitted the matter to the Danish police, because the 4.3 mill EU dollars wrongly paid out of the Meld and Feld bla for the Danish people’s Party. It may not even His K. Sonderby and the Danish people’s Party run from’, is it.

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