Denmark’s first Formula 1 driver, Tom Belsø, has died after prolonged illness. It tells B. T.

He was 77 years old.

The large motorsportsmedie Autosport says that he fought with cancer in the abdominal area. Around midnight on Saturday night, he departed at death.

In 1974 he got – with a year delay – as the first dane the honor to run in motor sport kongeklasse, and he made his debut in the South african Grand Prix, where he, however, soon came forth.

He came only to run a single race more, namely in Sweden Grandprix, where he was number eight.

The trained mechanic employed after his career in Formula 1 especially with muesli, but The Smiling Dane’ got sold selling the work, as he had great success with. He also reached to work with the wine in the course of the career. Read more here

in addition to Belsø only have three danes run the F1 race: Jan Magnussen, Nicolas Kiesa and Kevin Magnussen.

Tom Belsø was married to Barbara, with whom he had a daughter with. He also had two sons from his first marriage.

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