As Mikhail Galin took his cat Viktor with a flight from Riga to Vladivostok from Moscow, went everything fine in the beginning.

But on the last part of the journey, he got a problem. The cat was for the fed to come up with in your hand luggage.

In Moscow-Sjeremetevo International Airport was Mikhail Galin check his hand luggage in at the airline Aeroflot. Carry-on baggage was his cat, as he would have with up in the cabin.

As the cat was laid up on the scale, weighed it, ten kilos. Two kilos more than Aeroflots weight limit for animals in the cabin. The cat should, therefore, down in the cargo, if it had with. It writes media to The Moscow Times.

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Mikhail Galin tried to persuade the employee at the check-in counter, but it was rejected. In a posting on Facebook writes Galin, that he has flown over 300 times, but never experienced that the cat’s weight was a problem.

– I tried to explain that the cat would not survive down in the load in eight hours, and if it did, it would have nightmares the rest of his life. But the employee insisted that she had rules she had to follow, and she would not take responsibility for the extra two kilos on Viktor in the cabin, writes Mikhail Galin on Facebook.

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Mikhail Galin dropped the flight that day, but he was home to Vladivostok. Therefore he decided to cheat the system.

With the help of some friends he began to look for a mini version of Viktor with the same color coat, but with a little less stomach – which could be weighed instead. He put a notice up on Facebook, and it paid off.

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the Next day he returned to the airport by a small cat called Phoebe. She looked like to the confusion, Viktor. Phoebe was weighed and passed the weight limit.

When the check-in process was finished, gave Mikhail Galin Phoebe back to her owners and brought in the place Viktor on the plane and flew home to Vladivostok. No one discovered the two extra pounds or the sudden sex change.