Anna Grau, Ciutadans’ candidate for the mayor of Barcelona, ​​is advocating for the next mandate for rescue urban planning – practically emergency -, for the application of at least some loose cotton that, as far as possible , stop the transformation of the city that is still being carried out by the government of mayoress Ada Colau. The Cs candidate participated yesterday in the talks that are taking place these days with the mayors, organized by Barcelona Oberta, the Restoration Guild and La Vanguardia.

“We cannot deceive the people. Dismantling the new superilla would be very expensive. But in other places we are there on time, like in Via Laietana. We can still recover its role as a connection between sea and mountain. We also want sustainable mobility, but with consensus. We are ready to stop everything that can be stopped, consult with those affected and agree exits. We are liberals. We are in favor of business and mobility”. The point is to facilitate economic activity, he wanted to emphasize, to remove the sticks from the wheels and not criminalize it. What makes more noise, the terraces or the bottles? “The solution is not to lower the timetables of the terraces, but to have a good civility ordinance, and an effective police”.

“We are liberals”, he said time and time again to underline his recipe: less taxes, less limitations, less interventions… “You can’t subsidize jobs instead of traders. Many people have not dared to stand up to the supposed moral superiority of Colau. Tourism is more protected in Cuba than here. They don’t want cruises or hotels, this is not a Gobi reservation! To regulate is not to criminalize the activities”.

At times, Grau came to surprise merchants and restaurateurs. “The plan for the use of Ciutat Vella is Soviet, Stalinist, one prohibition after another! We don’t like to ban. We are liberals”. That of Cs also looks to open elbows between those of Valents and those of the PP. Here survival will be very expensive. It’s not just about scratching for votes among the poker favorites. Orange aims to present itself to the electorate as a reborn formation. So Grau had no problems in filing away part of the party’s past. “The candidacy of Valls was a mistake”. cross and cross